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Web Marketing Approach: Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement or Customer Communication – Let’s admit it people don’t like high-pressure sales strategies of most business establishments.In other cases website sometimes overdo their sales strategy and end up having an “in your face ads” and sales pitch. Honestly, this kind of strategy most likely drives the traffic away rather than encourage them to stay. One way to prevent this is to give a better quality of information and make them appreciate the use of the product or the service that the website or business is offering.

Building your client’s trust and engaging with them will give you more quality leads. Providing the information and the answers to their inquiry when they ask will give you a higher chance to have a conversion.

Channels to Use for Customer Engagement

There are 2 types of channels that you can use when engaging your customers. Online and offline channel. Here is a list of channels you can use to engage with your customers.

  • Online
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Blogs
    • Email
  • Offline
    • Direct Mail
    • Phone call
    • Personal Approach

The key to creating great engagement with your customers is being sincere. Being sincere in every email, posts, videos, blogs that you share with your customers will give them a personal connection to your site. This kind of strategy will most likely drive high-quality traffic which means a big chance of conversion for your website.



Customer Engagement Benefits

Giving a great and sincere customer engagement gives your business a huge competitive advantage. Many companies neglect these factors that we have mentioned above. They tend to automate their engagement leaving behind the most important aspects. People don’t like to be talking to chatbot when they have an inquiry. These are the benefits that you can have when you do a great customer engagement:

  • sales and customers increase
  • a higher percentage of leads converted into sales
  • returning customers that buy more
  • customer loyalty to your business
  • customer referrals
  • a great and healthy relationship between your business and your customer.


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