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Do I Need a Website Today and Should I have One

Have you ask your self  “Do I need a website today ?” Here is a list of things that you should see to answer that question. The following things that are on the list can also be an answer to why does your business need a website.

Do I Need a Website Today?

#1 –Increase your customers

About 3 billion people use the internet every day. About 90% of them are purchasing products and services, or get an inquiry to the company, using the internet in the last 12 months. So you will be missing out on a big piece of potential customers if you don’t have your own website.


#2 – Increase Your Business Value

Increase your business value by having an official website today that will showcase your products and services and will show that your business competes at a high level.



#3 – Having an Online brochure

Most of the companies/conglomerates spend millions of money creating and distributing brochures. By having and owning a website you can save more and skip that process entirely. Potential customers can find out about you, your products or your services online. One effective way of showcasing your products or services is through your website.



#4 – Business is up 24/7

Your business will have the ability to run 24/7 with your website without any supervision. Your customers can always count on you that your business will always be there for them.


#5 – Website helps achieve business goals

Reassessing and Reviewing your goals.When writing the content for your website you are reviewing episodes and events on your business that you haven’t in years.


#6 – Marketing Standard

Internet created a whole new world and level of marketing standard. A website will provide you the power to attract new business and customers with low-cost marketing techniques.


#7 – Open Communication with Customers

A website provides the ability to reach your customers by having a blog or even just a feed on your website. You can always give an important business update to your customers about your newest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content.


#8 – Become an Influencer

With a huge amount of user that can see your content and offers. You’ll be able to influence people’s future decisions by educating them and giving them options.


#9 – Low and High Level of Customer Support

You can greatly reduce the cost of customer support by having a free ticketing system, or even just an FAQ on your website. I can think of about 5 companies off the top of my head that streamline your customer service straight from your website.


#10 – Do business with the big guys

Now you have a chance to have a business and compete with the big names in the industry. Creating a competitive website with a solid business plan and strategy behind it you will be able to compete the big guys.

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