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Web Marketing Approach: Grabbing Interest

Grabbing interest of your online traffic is essential to your business websites profitability.  Providing them with the quality information that they need. Preventing them from leaving your site to look for another source.


Two Effective Factors in Grabbing  Interest

Here are two factors that provide an effective way to grab your traffic’s interest:

  1. Online Presence – When people search for you online they should be able to see you. Your online presence is a must. Your products and services should also be available online.
  2. Proper Communication and Approach – Internet already has too much junk information. You should provide a quality read and proper information. Being direct to the point is a critical move to land your traffic as a client.

Your website must utilize search engines. As of now, Google holds the highest percentage of search queries on the internet.  If prospective clients can see you on Google when they search for something your website should grab their interest.

Proper communication and approach to your visitors are simple. By providing them the information of what you offer like products and services you are developing a good communication with your prospective clients. Information should not just be about how great your products and services. It should also answer the client’s question and if possible their needs. Limiting the marketing talk and the inappropriate information is the best approach. Grabbing their interest and will give them a reason to provide their trust and appreciation.



Bounce is Not Ideal

Less number of potential quality prospected clients is better than a great number of potential bounce client. If you generate a great number of bouncing traffic with a paid advertisement your money is getting you nowhere.

Let’s face it there will always be some visitors who mistakenly click on your website. But when the real prospect clients bounce then you have to revisit and address your business strategy.

Remember the Grabbing Interest requires a great content. When you have a great content Google reward your effort for this. So in a way by creating great content your hitting 2 birds with one stone. This means that you will have a high chance of leads acquisition and translate that into business sales.

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