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How to Create an Effective Business Website

One of the functions of your website is being a window of your business. This means that a potential customer gives their first impression to your company using your website. How your website showcasing your company is vital to your business. To maximize the effectiveness of your business website, here’s how to create an effective business website article for you.



#1: Create a Professional, Brand-driven Design

Opinion about your website is also an opinion on your business. Visitors always give an unsolicited opinion regarding on your site within seconds. So, your website should be professional and centered on what your brand is. Information should be easy to access with one or two clicks. Always show what is your business about and what your business does very clearly so visitors can absorb it easily and clearly.


#2: Your Content should Speak to Your Client

A well-written content will speaks directly to your target audience. Content is crucial to your website’s success and is the blood of your site. It should be professionally crafted, yet conversational. The tone and topic should reflect the company’s brand and personality. This is essential on how you create an effective business website. Your visitors don’t like it when your article is too corporate, so keep it professional yet easy to comprehend.

Most business website includes the following information:

  • News
  • Service Info
  • About Us/Who We Are
  • Product Info
  • Photo Gallery
  • Portfolio of Work/Projects
  • Case Study
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Video Files (Demos, Info, etc.)
  • Employment Info
  • Employee Directory
  • Features & Benefits
  • Warranty & Return Policy Info
  • Informational Pages
  • Database
  • FAQs
  • Articles/Forms/Docs
  • Affiliates / Partners
  • Privacy Policy
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Service
  • Events
  • Links/Resources
  • Contact Us Info
  • Request Info/Service/Quote Form
  • E-newsletter Info & Sign-up
  • Order Form
  • Buy Now Buttons (E-commerce)
  • Shopping Cart (E-commerce)
  • Membership Application
  • Members Only/Password Protected Area




#3: Focus on How to Educate. Don’t Sell.

Your website’s main goal should be to educate your audience, not sell on them. Users visit and come to your site, with an interest to learn something new. Try not to pushy on selling your products and services. They want to know about their options so help them decide by educating them with your content. The more you solve their problem by sharing your content the better it is for your business. If you give them information with value you will have a higher chance to get them as a customer.

These are the following set of tools you can use cost-effectively to educate your target market.

  • eBooks
  • Videos  or Vodcasts
  • Podcasts
  • White Paper
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Email Newsletters


#4: Create an Effective Business Website with Calls to Actions on Every Page

Call to Action, one of the important thing that you should do when you plan to create an effective business website. A simple “Get Free Quote” or “Buy Now” button will increase the chance getting a potential customer. Each page on your website must have at least one call to action. Ideally a call must be placed on the top-right side of the page or at the end of the article. A prominent call to action button has a higher chance of being clicked by the visitors.


#5: Create a Content that is Sharable & Make Subscription Easy

People likes to share things. It will be beneficial to you if your content is easy to share. When people like the story or the article that you write they will share it with their network. Adding Facebook “Like buttons” and “Share buttons” will help you with your marketing organically. Also use other social media network like Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for a higher number of network reach.


#6: Search Engine Optimization is a Must on each Page

Search Engine is one of major tool customers are using for their product and services searches. So each page on your website should be optimized for search engines. It should be easy for search engine to get your websites information.

Here are the list of this that should be present on each page of your website:

  • Page Title with Your Top Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Keyword-rich Content (strive for at least 4% keyword density)
  • Strong Keyword-rich Headlines
  • Heading Tags in HTML to Let Search Engines Know What’s Important on the Page
  • Keyword Rich Alt Tags on Images
  • Keyword Rich URLs for Text Links
  • Clean CSS / HTML Code (this makes it easy for search engines to separate the design from the content)

infographic on how to create an effective website with a link to pinterest
Having a deep understanding of your target market’s need and desires will give you more information to what kind of content and data will you provide them. Providing them the information that they need grabs their attention quickly. Incorporating this how to article when you create your website will maximize the effectiveness and the profitability of your website and your company’s network.


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