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Launching Your Own E-Commerce Business

Launching a product today is better and way easier now than before. The internet gives us a whole new level of playing field to work on. With an easy access to the resources that you need here a list of things that you can do to start your own E-commerce business.

Study & Identify a product that has High Potential

Deciding which product to sell require some consideration. A product that has a large global demand, high margins, and an easy warehousing capability is something that you would want to offer.

Here are some tools that you can use

  • Google Trends
  • eBay Top Products
  • Amazon Best Sellers

Make sure to pick something that you are interested in, you don’t want to invest a lot of time and energy to something that you’re not interested. If you want to launch a successful e-commerce business. The more you enjoy the easier it will be to deal with every task that you need to work on.


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Choose a Great Manufacturer that will Deliver

Having a manufacturer that can provide the demand that your website traffic is asking is a great deal. Great Communication is key. If you are contracting an overseas manufacturer you should double to your communication efforts. Try to communicate to at least a dozen manufacturers. Do not just focus on cost, consider every aspects and corner of the products that you need to consider that the manufacturer that provides.


Learn how you will address the fulfillment and shipping

Do you want to do a fulfillment in-house or Do you think that Dropship will serve better? The decision will be based on what type of product you are selling. Selling small items like phone cases will be much easier if you’re going to use an in-house fulfillment. You can use fulfillment solutions like ShipStation that integrates with almost everything.


Create a Brand Name & Create an Online Presence

When deciding what kind of brand do you want to create you should always consider your online presence. You need to build a brand that will do great online. It should also be memorable and appealing to your audience to build consistent clients in the future. Check this links to see the benefits of having a website.

When you decide to register a domain name be sure to use a dot-com extension. You can register your domain name at


Develop & Create Your E-Commerce Business

Creating your website is a major step when building an E-commerce site. You can use a lot of tools in doing this, I would suggest using WordPress and Woocommerce. In choosing the design of the site you must consider what are you selling what colors match the products. How is the product complements the design?  The website should be responsive which gives you the ability to show your site on mobile. Do you need a freelancer to do these things or you can accomplish them?

After planning the brand you need to create and develop your website. I created a STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO START YOUR OWN WEBSITE here.

Follow these simple instruction to build your own site or you can always contact us to create and develop one for you.


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Establish a clear Revenue Goals

Upon starting you should be clear about what your revenue goals are.
Ask your self the following :

  • How much does the product cost per unit once delivered to you
  • Amount of your shipping
  • How much all your fulfillment components
    • staff
    • software
    • postage
    • storage
  • How much is your merchant processing fee

Be specific to the numbers no matter how tiny the details are. Be sure to account the in’s and out’s of your investments especially if the product has an expiration. Making sure to cut cost is also a must always look for ways to minimize expenses.


Plan & Design a Solid Marketing Strategy

Now that you already have the product and the website, you need to figure out what will be your marketing strategy. You need to know who will be interested in your product. There’s a lot of strategies that you can use to market your product, here is a list of tools that you can use:

  • Facebook Ads Campaign
  • Instagram
  • Influencer Marketing

You should have a longterm marketing component like Search Engine Optimization.

Track every data and information that you are getting. Be sure to know each origin of every sale. Create conversion pixels and goals to know where every single sale originates from. The more data and information means more targeted your campaigns can become.This will boost the growth of your business.


Launch Your Business Online

Do not wait until you finish the perfect version of the business model to launch. It’s never going to be perfect. If you fail, don’t quit. Try and try again. Most successful entrepreneurs failed multiple times before ever experiencing a win.


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Hey, after reading this and you decide to create an E-Commerce Business I suggest for you to give us a chance to provide a FREE QUOTE for you.

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