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Web Marketing Approach: Lead Acquisition

Lead Acquisition – This is the process where traffic is being converted to a potential customer for your website or business. This means that your business will generate more inquiry and quotations for products and services you offer. You should approach carefully when designing and creating your website. This method of planning will give you a high number of lead acquisitions if you do it properly. Developing based on how your users behave and making them feel that they want to communicate more about your products.


Two Types of Websites Integrated for Business

Nowadays every business should have a website.You can see a list of benefits of having a website on my “Do I need a Website” post. You can also check this post for “Launching Your Own E-commerce Business”.

Generally, you can pick between these two options for the type of website you want to build for your business.

  1. Direct-response – Web design aims to create an inquiry to your products or services and make your traffic(users)  communicate with you.
  2. Business brochure – Web design that is made to deliver information about your products or services. To educate and let people know why they need them.

In this post, we focus more on using the direct response design. We need to create a website that will influence new and potential customers to inquire about our products and services. Creating a huge amount of conversion based on our lead acquisition. Keep in mind, a business loss is created when your website doesn’t acquire inquires or response from your prospects.


Looking Good is Not Enough

You need to determine your websites purpose. I know, I know it feels great to have a good looking website but the question is “Is it effective?”. If your website is focused on aesthetics and how it looks then maybe you should consider hiring a designer. On the other hand, you as a business owner should focus on how you will increase your lead acquisition.

Look at eBay how does their website look like? look at Amazon do you think these websites look great? They may not be that graphically good but their lead acquisition are some of the highest in the world. If you would notice how their website is built try viewing the website and take note that the layout is designed to accommodate you as visitor and turn you into a high-quality Lead. This is the best example to differentiate a design-oriented website and a business-oriented website.


Capitalizing on the Customers Intent

If you know what your customers intentions are when they visit your website you can capitalize on this to increase lead acquisition. There are 2 types of intent when people are looking over your site.

  1. Looking to Buy – they are the type of traffic that knows what they want and all the details that come with it. They have a pretty good idea of what they are look for and what they are trying avoid. These people have a high chance to contact you if you have the right information on your site about your product.
  2. Canvasing– they are the type of traffic that looks and differentiate products from site to site. Somewhat like window shopping in a physical store to check which is which. They visit your site probably interested in what you offer but still have things to consider.

Most business will target the “looking to buy” type. This means that you have a lot of markets to work with for your business to increase lead acquisition. Design your site to be appealing and effective especially to the canvasing type. Give them something that they will learn about your products and how its different from others.


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