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Steps on How to Register a Domain Name

Here are the Steps on How to Register a Domain

Here’s what you need to do to register a domain name.

  • Select a good domain name that you’d like to use. You can find some tips on choosing a good domain name from my article, Tips on Selecting Your Domain Name.
  • You can choose to pay using either a credit card or a PayPal account. This requirement is mostly use by registrars.
  • When you already purchased a web hosting, get the names of their primary and secondary nameservers. Just save this  information somewhere. The primary and secondary nameservers information can usually be obtained from the FAQs or other documentation of the Hosting Provider. If you can’t find it, email them. Once the primary and secondary nameservers are obtained you will need to connect your domain name to your website after you buy your domain. is a great domain registrar which gives you a lot of option and freebies upon registration. I recommend to give it a try.

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