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Web Marketing Approach: Statistics and Optimization

Statistics and Optimization – After all the approach that you followed and implemented to your website you should be tracking them. Tracking your improvements and checking your statistics makes you aware of what is happening to your business. At the same time while tracking your data and the information that your statistics provide you will need to optimize the parts that have an opportunity for improvement.


How our Marketing Strategy gives You a High Chance of Success

Remember the previous methods namely: Grabbing Interest, Lead Acquisition, Customer Engagement.
If you do this methods at the right application you will already see some changes on your website. These changes are the things that you need to keep track on. You will need to measure these changes in your statistics to see how your marketing strategies and campaign are actually doing something.


What Tools should You Use to Measure Your Statistics?

Google Analytics is one of the best tools that you can use to measure your websites performance. This will help you monitor the key indicators that your website is good at. This will also determine the part where it needs your attention. Using the information that these tools provide allows you to optimize the campaign and marketing strategies that you implement on your website. These improvements will result to a better conversion for your business.



Statistics and Optimization Data to Measure

Here are the 10 most Data that you can measure and optimize on your marketing campaign:

  1. Number of session
  2. % of New Sessions
  3. Channels
  4. Conversion Goals
  5. Bounce Rate
  6. Engagement
  7. Site Content
  8. Exit pages
  9. Devices/Mobile
  10. Landing Pages



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