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Website and Social Media Sites Difference that Impact Your Business

Some of you might be wondering “why do I need a website? I can just use social media to promote my business, right?” Great question. This article will help you determine which is best for you. Here are some of the website and social media sites difference that impact your business that you should know.

The BIG question is, why would you want to build a website that costs a lot (domains, hosting, designers, SEO, updates, maintenance, and more)? You can just set up a social media page for your business on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for Free? The following will help answer that question.


Website and Social Media Sites Difference that Impact Your Business

Besides being “FREE”, when it comes to social media sites there are millions of people using these platforms, looking and interacting with you. When you use these platforms correctly, this will allow you to grow a followers base. These followers are your audience. The more followers you have the bigger the reach for your business. Which means more publicity for your business which may turn into revenue.

Here are some of the benefits that businesses get from using social media:


Social Media  has Little-to-No Technical Expertise Requirement

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. requires little to no expertise. There is a straightforward form that only needs basic information when creating a business page. You don’t even need to know how to code. You just input the info in the box and upload some images and you’re done. This is a great way of getting your business off the ground and introducing it to the online audience. Social media is the simplest way for non-code savvy business owners to connect with their customers on a more modern level. Instead of the traditional flyer, billboard, and pamphlets.


Social Media is Optimized for Search Engines

Because social media sites have a high volume of shared content, a great number of pages, and list these sites by popularity, the business page that you created on this platforms is automatically optimized for search engine out of the box. This results in high search rankings whenever your business is being looked up.

Below is an example of what a search engine shows you when your business is being looked up. We use as an example. Our website shows up in the #1 spot, and for #2 one of our social media page comes in.

Google Search for pluginabox Website and Social Media Sites Difference that Impact Your Business


Using Marketing Tools & Integrations on Social Media Platforms

To name a few social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram have great marketing tools and integration. Using this will improve your audience reach and targeting. You will also have a great insight of what kind of content does your audience prefer.


Charts and analytical data on the tablet screen with a cup of coffee and mobile phone in the background for Website and Social Media Sites Difference that Impact Your Business


Now that we know all the great and wonderful benefits of social media you’re probably thinking you don’t even need a website. Social media is one way that you will get you noticed so use it. But its merely just a tool for your business. Having full control over your brand is the main reason why creating a company website is a must. Your website is yours, you own it. It is up to

you how you will design it and how the audience will experience your site. Having a website is much more credible than just having a social media shop.


Website Gives You 100% Control over Your Online Presence

One decision that you will need to make as a business owner is

You’ll need to pick one of the decision as a business owner:

a.) Do you want to set up shop in an already existing business?

b.) Do you want to own or lease a dedicated space for your business?

If you choose (a) you can imagine that your store is at the mercy of other store owners. In this case the social media platform. If they don’t want your business in their store anymore, then you’ll be out of business. If the platform had their services down your business will also be down. This means that your business is not reaching its optimal audience compared to having your own website.

If you choose (b) you have a much better control over the situation. You have the power to design, to renovate and the freedom to build your brand on your own terms. Updates are in your hands and you’re the one who will decide when to push these updates. Your business reach will be as far as how you can market your self digitally and personally. Your network is not filtered by some algorithm that is implemented to segregate audience.



Business Should Not Be at the Mercy of Someone Else

When you create a business page or shop on these social media platforms, your business is ultimately at their mercy. They can make sudden changes in the future that will affect how your business works. Your voice if not limited is not being heard in this situation. They can shut you down at some point and you cant do anything about it.

One great example is when Facebook updates its algorithm, most businesses get a decrease intheir number of reach. One thing for sure is that businesses’ don’t have any voice in this event.

The same thing could happen on all social platform at any time. YouTube could start a new business structure to charge you to store videos on their servers. Twitter could decide to become a premium only platform. In all of these situations if you don’t pay then you no longer get to communicate with your customers. You have NO control on these social platforms. The ability to edit, modify the social media page, but thats what you are limited to. You are limited to the platforms template. Which for some business owners thats enough, however for the business owners that want to go beyond the norms of social media platforms, and want to have the freedom to customize, to share and to make their own brand in the e-commerce world. Making a website for your business is the smart choice.


The website is the “Hub” of Your Online Presence – Social Media is a Marketing Tool

So lets get down to the main difference of a website and social media for your business. Your Website is your business “hub”. Since you have the overall control over the situation you can set up a secondary store or shop inside your own website. You can be creative in the setup of all the business details for the design and the marketing approach that you want. Your content is not limited to a space that is provided by social media, so you can maximize the business approach to provide info about the products.

At the same time, you can use social media sites as a tool for your marketing strategies and approaches to drive traffic to your website. Utilize that traffic to grow your email and customer list.

At the end of the day, it’s much smarter to invest in something you own than to build on a platform that doesn’t belong to you. At some point, the rules are going to change. It could have a major impact on your business if you aren’t in control. Those are just some of the website and social media sites difference that impact your business that will help you decide what is right for you and your business.

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